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With Zindigi’s unique translucent debit card, you can now make payments conveniently and securely. You can withdraw cash from anywhere and make payments at thousands of stores nationwide and internationally (with Ultra Account)!

Types of Cards

PayPak Debit Card

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Master Debit Card

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Refer Debit Card

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Services Charges

  • The service fee charged for Debit card order is Rs. 1000
  • There is no service fee for a virtual card. Minimum top-up amount is Rs. 100

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my Zindigi debit card?

Once you activate your Zindigi debit card you can use it:

  1. At ATM’s
  2. For Shopping in store and online
  3. For international transactions when you upgrade to Zindigi Ultra account through Mastercard Debit Card

How can I get a Zindigi debit card?

You can order a Zindigi debit card through the Zindigi App. You have the option to choose between a Mastercard or PayPak card.

When will my Zindigi debit card be delivered after I place an order?

It takes up to 7 working days for your debit card to arrive. In case there’s a delay please call 051-111-556-677 or connect with our agent through the in-app chat option.

How can I activate my Zindigi debit card?

Before you can activate your card, you’ll need to biometrically verify yourself to upgrade your account at bank branches, you can also get your account biometrically verified by using JS Zindigi BVS App on Google Store and Apple Store. Once you receive your debit card, you can activate it through the Card Management section in your app. You can also activate your debit card by calling 051-111-556-677

How can I create my Zindigi debit card PIN?

You can create your Zindigi debit card PIN through the Manage Card option in your Zindigi App

How can I block my Zindigi debit card?

You can temporarily block your debit card from the Card Management section in your Zindigi App. To permanently block your debit card, please call 051-111-556-677

What are the charges for ordering a Zindigi debit card?

You can order a Zindigi debit card for Rs. 1,000.

My card has been returned by the courier service. What should I do?

In this scenario, you will have to call 051-111-556-677 and provide details for the card to be dispatched to you again. In case your card is returned for the second time, you will have to order a new debit card through the app and the fee for your 1st card will not be refunded.

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