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Zindigi Account

Zindigi account is a simple mobile app that gives you access to perform various financial transactions such as cash deposits, funds transfer, bill payments, voucher payments, school fee payments, investments, government payments and many more anytime, anywhere!

It can be opened simply by downloading Zindigi mobile app on your phone and is tagged to your mobile number of all mobile operators.


Any 18 and above person holding a valid CNIC and a valid mobile number in their name can open Zindigi account.

Zindigi account is a secure and verified account from NADRA and in order to to do that we need your CNIC and issuance date.

It is mandatory to have a valid CNIC for opening a Zindigi account as we verify your information from NADRA.

Your mobile number is your Zindigi account.

Your Zindigi account has an IBAN number associated automatically. You can find it in the settings menu of your app.

Account Level

Daily Credit/Debit

Monthly Credit/Debit

Yearly Credit/Debit

Basic Account




Advance Account





You can view your account type and transaction limits from the settings menu on the top left of your home screen.

When you open your remote Zindigi account by downloading the app, you will automatically be assigned limits of basic account. In order to upgrade limits a biometric verification is required.

You can increase your daily sending and receiving limits by upgrading your account from basic to advanced level. You would need to perform biometric verification at one of our agent locations or JS branches.

Zindigi application is available for free on Play Store and App Store. The charges for performing different transactions are mentioned in Zindigi Schedule of Charges section.

Through Zindigi account, you can perform a variety of transactions such as Funds Transfer, Bill Payments, airtime top up (prepaid and postpaid) e-voucher Payments, School & Government Fee, Ticket payments and Investments.

All transactions are instant. A confirmation SMS is also received on all transactions from 9991, along with an app notification.

Transaction history up to 90 days is available in the app.

You can open one Zindigi account against a single CNIC or mobile number.

No, there are no fees to use the Zindigi account.

Your Zindigi account is secure with your 4-digit PIN. If you want to block your account after losing your phone, please call us at UAN 111556677.

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