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Connect To A PMDC Certified Doctor Immediately

Subscribe to our Call a Doc service for just PKR 400/month and make unlimited calls to medical doctors for free consultations. The subscriber automatically gets life insurance up to PKR 1 Million in case of loss of life.

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Subscribe to Call a Doc service from app instantly

Connect with Doctors

Once subscribed, connect to PMDC certified medical doctors for consultation

Get Consultancy

Get free unlimited consultation for a month for your health related issues


Three Simple Steps

Connect with doctors and solve your health related issues.


Subscribe to Teledoc service instantly from the app. Pay for the service upfront and get unlimited calls for a whole month.


Once subscribed, connect to PMDC certified medical doctors on a single click and get consultation for your health related issues.


You are automatically insured for life for a sum of Rs.1 Million when you subscribe to Teledoc. Assign a next to kin to receive this money in case of death.

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